My online jewelry shop is officially two days old!

I’ve always loved Etsy and if I spent as much time eating m&m’s as I do monitor shopping, I would be fatter and grosser than Jabba the Hutt.  That popped up because I recently gained a few pounds and have kind of been feeling like I am Jabba the Hutt. Also, I am craving m&m’s which really does not help the situation.

I haven’t announced my Etsy shop to friends and family nor have I made any marketing efforts at all. It just isn’t THERE yet. Three things must be locked down before I start trying to grab internet traffic.

  1. I need better product photos! Action plan: borrow a camera with a good macro setting, get white cartolina paper to use as background, wake up earlier to take advantage of natural light, get help from a more experienced friend.
  2. Create more of a color story with regards to the stuff featured in the shop. Action plan: pretty pastels + black and white.
  3. The rings need to look more polished and expensive. Action plan: develop a better method of curing, sanding and polishing them. Research on needed tools and invest.

I didn’t pour resin into my molds as planned this morning and that’s because I was completely knocked out from last night. I didn’t even make it to my dental appointment. And I was so proud to have scheduled it too! “Look ma, I did something sort of grown up”. I really feel bad about wasting another person’s time. Action plan: personally deliver a fruit basket with a thoughtful note attached.

A friend was spinning at a lounge-y bar and we wanted to show our support and see faces. Yeah, the place is really in between and confused that way – more than a bar, not quite a lounge. It’s hard to hear the person next to you over the music but you wouldn’t feel completely comfortable with getting up and dancing either.

I figured I was being responsible by only having three drinks. Going home past 3 in the morning wasn’t factored into my brilliant calculations. Though I didn’t get much work done, I did set up an appointment with a website designer to spruce up this blog. And now, I have also actually blogged something on my blog. So yay.


I got bitten by a Shih Tzu today. It belongs to my aunt so it is not rabid. Probably not rabid.


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