I quit my job! I finally did it.

After a tumultuous period of college malingering, beer and THE GREAT SEARCH, I applied to a company that offered online English lessons to corporate Europe. That was two years ago. No one, with the exception of my mother, was more surprised to see me happy and thriving at a full-time job which offered little flexibility and variety. I was getting up, taking early showers and getting out of the house, woohoo! AND I stopped smoking so much weed and could actually approximate the time without looking at a clock. I couldn’t believe some French dudes were paying me to chat on the phone and correct people’s grammar.  I was doing that anyway!

Somewhere down the line, a shift happened as shifts always do, and my feelings about work started changing. Previously charming pronunciation slips were suddenly annoying. My well of patience was reduced to a dried out puddle. Interest, curiosity and appreciation just up and left the building. I mean, they resigned way before I had the guts to even consider doing so myself. Sure, I’d fantasize about hanging up on a student, marching to my boss’ office where I’d loudly QUIT then steal a candy bar or banana lying on his desk. If there was nothing edible in plain sight, I’d settle for a stapler.

I didn’t quit because I’d say “Oh, I need to grow my savings”, “I need to find another job before I quit this one”, “My parents will not be proud of my decision”, “I need to be able to afford sushi that won’t give me diarrhea”, blah blah blah.

When I realized I would never run out of excuses, the thought of spending another two years doing something I no longer liked FREAKED ME OUT. So I googled “resignation letter template”, signed my name and celebrated with double shots of rum! Which resulted in a mean hangover that a double dose of vitamin C couldn’t cure.

I have some security, but not a lot. What I have in abundance are passion, ideas and inspiration. Unfortunately, I also have countless bad habits I’ve kept close for a very long time and they are also along for the ride.

On this day, the chronicle of my journey to a meaningful and sustainable life is born. Let’s see what happens next!


4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. +JMJ+

    Awwww. I just got to know you and now you’re leaving!

    But I understand what you mean about following your passion and searching for something more meaningful. Even I don’t want to keep doing this job forever, although it’s great for dealing with the bills and fattening my savings account in the meantime.

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