Remember when I talked to you about my first order of rings? Well, when I say “you”, I really mean “small vacuum-bubble” on the internet. I hope to grab some online attention soon and actually talk to a group of people. You know, real ones. Anyway, if you are real, check out this post to see what I’m on about.

While I’ve barely been on a proper date in a long time, romance is apparently very much alive and well in the world. This month though, I make a cameo in other people’s love story!

When a guy – let’s call him S – ordered a ring from my shop, he specified that he would like the package to be anonymous. Now, I consciously choose to think of my first buyer as a romantic secret admirer as opposed to a creepy stalker. Three cheers for semantics! Thanks to Etsy stats and the power of deduction, I learned that a girl – let’s call her M – posted a picture of my two finger ring on her Tumblr, gushing over how good it looked and how good it would look on her. So S must have taken his cue and added it to cart.

Of course, it isn’t a given that their relationship is or will be romantic. But the whole thing is sweeter than a tooth and it makes me feel connected to things and people a world away. And that is a very important thing.

Updates on previous action plans:

  • I haven’t outlined a weekly schedule nor have I exercised or brushed up on my French
  • I’m eating a lot healthier and looking better
  • Applied new curing principles but have been lazy about sanding jewelry pieces
  • Went crazy with gold leaf and here is proof!


…because Goldfinger is not just an old Bond film.


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