Camera 360

The theme of my first jewelry collection is self-defense so I named it ATK! Currently, it is made up of 6 cocktail rings, two stackable rings, a two finger ring and two fist weapons. I guess I may have some pent up aggression. Necklaces and earrings are in the pipeline!

Camera 360

The cocktail rings really look like they’re from the same world because they are actually made from one single ring that I’ve had since college. It’s amazing that I was able to hold on to a knick-knack for this long since I am almost the biggest burara I know.

After stealing the shape of the ring with a silicone mold, I poured resin mixtures in and before they hardened completely, I demolded, cut and sculpted the material to form new shapes. This was both the funnest and most frustrating part of the process. Sanding and polishing pieces was the most tedious part of the job. To get through it, I pretended to be schooled by Mr. Miyagi in classic wax on-wax-off fashion. It isn’t so bad really… a stiff shoulder and sanded thumb were the worst of it. When I was happy with my six designs, I made new molds for each.

Right now, I’m having fun mixing up colors and opacity, embedding objects and painting the jewelry. I’m also playing around with gold leaf.

Must get better at taking product shots – they are what will jump start sales. Maybe then I’ll be able to afford good sushi again.


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