Camera 360

When I have my nails done or shop for nail polish, I like to play name-that-color. It’s fun to compare what you come up with to names chosen by professional color namers. Go ahead and imagine them in lab coats and goggles. If you are picturing Dr. Horrible, you’ve definitely followed that mental image too far down.

Now that I’ve finalized the shapes of the rings in my Atk+6! collection, I’ve been experimenting with different shades and tones. I put highly concentrated, transparent liquid dyes to resin mixtures. Getting the color right involves a bit of experimentation as it changes slightly when chemical hardener is added and again when it cures.

The opaque pieces will be in pretty pastels, white and black. I’m thinking about coloring the translucent pieces to resemble precious stones and crystals. We’ll see.

Anyway. I am particularly happy with the peach pot I mixed up the other day (pictured above). I name it Tangerine Lips after a really, really good song.


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