Last night was an evening of refreshments. Yes, I am talking about beer again, but also about a change of scenery. We didn’t have snacks around so we chewed on ideas instead. Somewhere between talking about  attraction and focus, the topic of selling came up.

Is it natural or even unavoidable to sell your persona one way or another? In social contexts, are some more persona than person? We may not have gotten to the bottom of these questions, but we sure got to the bottom of our keg.

I woke up this morning with a head cloudier than the night’s wheat beer, but sometimes clouds lead to a good brainstorm.

Someone recently told me that having your name as your brand is tricky, because you are essentially selling your persona firmly affixed to your product. Though I show and tell people about my designs every chance I get, I’m not sure I like the idea of selling myself more than necessary. Whatever that means. Until today, my design shop was named Anja Guggenheim. As of 10:40 AM, it is Holonica.

A holon is a whole that is also a part. It makes sense on its own, but it is part of something else, which is also part of something else. The whole, you may say, is not only greater than the sum of its parts – it is also an addend… and all this is really just one big equation… one that is tricky but the answer is obvious. It is One.

Check out this piece that I sculpted from a pyramid ring that had triangles within triangles. It has a new shape, but embedded in it are – triangles! So I think the name Holonica really works. And come on, it rhymes with melodica… which is an awesome instrument. What do you think of the new shop name? Thoughts on the melodica are also welcome!


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