As much as this blog was created to document design process and connect with like minded people, I hope it also sort of becomes a catalyst for change.

We’ve all been told by someone –  be it a doting mother, a concerned friend or even the dubious Dr. Phil – that stating intentions can lead to good things. Things beyond magically finding individually wrapped mentos in your jeans pocket. I’m thinking more of… making money ethically, being with a good guy or being in terrific physical condition. Keeping up with resolutions past the first two weeks of the new year is sticky business indeed, so perhaps this blog could serve as a kind of check and balance system of things I want for myself. I mean, it’s only my life we’re talking about here.

My new friend Enbretheliel uses this smart writing technique that I definitely think is worth sharing. When handed an assignment, she condenses her ideas into one specific word that informs her entire article. And well, because she is brilliant, she decided to do the same with 2013. Picking one word to seep into hundreds of days does sound daunting, but isn’t it an awesome prospect? It is both romantic and sensible, which is seriously one of the magic combos.

It didn’t take me long to zero in on my word for 2013. Though using a verb is recommended, temperance has a much nicer ring to it than just temper. 


temperance [ˈtɛmpərəns]

n 1. restraint or moderation, esp in yielding to one’s appetites or desires

Though I wouldn’t exactly call myself a party girl, I like staying out late and having fun… often at the expense of my to-do lists and chores. And it’s not just the going out either. It’s that I am too often motivated by simple pleasure – be it in reality TV or caramel cake form. So, starting today, I will call upon temperance – it must be in me somewhere! I’m sure to backslide now and again, but the important thing is to come back to this intention. To begin, again and again.

2 thoughts on “Oh my word

  1. +JMJ+

    First of all, thank you for the link! I’m glad that my post inspired you. =)

    I think that “Temperance” is a great choice! Although you picked the noun rather than the verb, at least you skirted the greater evil of the adjective. LOL! And don’t forget the gerund, which is the name of a technique that is used to make steel and glass much, much tougher than they normally are, but also to reduce excess hardness when necessary. =)

    (Did this feel like a language lesson? LOL!!! If so, it was unintentional! But I probably sound exactly like this, these days, no matter what I’m talking about.)

    • I like that gerund! Never thought I’d say it so soon, but I miss correcting people’s grammar.. nyahahaha.

      Struggling with my word a little bit.. why is it so fun to GO ALL OUT?!

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