It’s been five months since I discovered the awesome, goopy world of resin and decided to get serious about design. I don’t have formal training, so the process of learning and producing pieces of jewelry feels like one happy accident after another! This is huge because the sort of accident I normally have is the kind where you look one way when you should really be looking another, and you end up with your leg in an open street drain. True story. We don’t live in America so I wasn’t able to sue anybody. All I got was a lousy scar but I was glad simply not to have been infected with leptospirosis. Anyway, yay for happy accidents. Maybe they are just another way of thinking about organic growth. OH SHIT. Is there growth that isn’t?

As I’ve said before, I’m making accompanying necklaces and earrings for my first collection, Atk+6! I can’t wait to complete it! The pieces are geometric and made me think of man made structures so I named the cocktail rings after towers and buildings.

Now, in the last few months, I was lucky enough to escape Manila and spend some time at the beach. This was the perfect opportunity to flesh out a collection inspired by corals and the ocean. I came across this being done really well and wanted to make an interpretation of my own. Here are some experiments.

Camera 360

Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360

So now I’m working on two collections and there are so many other ideas to distill.

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