I can say I am not really a hat person. But I like them as objects. They serve a purpose and can really bring a look together. But please don’t give me a fedora.. or worse.. a golf hat for my birthday.

I had to wear a whole bunch of hats today though – art director and photographer were my favorites! Working on a handful of different tasks requires organization, but it’s worth it if you are the type who values variety.

Early in the day, I made a new silicone mold for a bangle that was custom ordered. Then, I mixed up batches of resin to make beads and a horn. I also sanded pieces down with a grinder. Oh yeah. I’ve been making beads to use for necklaces and earrings. Friends have suggested I would get more sales and exposure if I offered more than just rings and weapons. I made a couple of studies and took some shots. Here’s a preview.

IMGP0067-s IMGP0082-s

As you can see, my photo shoot was very high budget.


To attach the beads you see above, I’ve been using a hand drill. This terrifies me and it should terrify anyone within a ten-meter radius.

Once I click ‘publish’, my work day will almost be over and done with. Almost. I still need to figure out how to market my brand on tumblr. DERP FACE.


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