What is so mad about March? Don’t bother answering this question if you are a basketball fan cos I am definitely not with you there. There are other references entirely unrelated to sports. Wasn’t the March Hare, well… super mad?

We’re almost at the 1/3 mark of 2013 and if you made any resolutions at the beginning of the year, step down from the ledge of cray and take a moment to evaluate where you are with those. My word of the year is ‘temperance’ and I’m doing better – not great – with this campaign. So the plan is to make a piece of jewelry to kind of further this effort.

Historically, jewelry was used for symbolism and protection against both physical and unseen forces. A chieftain might wear a medallion that tells people how many warriors he’s defeated in combat and wear an earring that guards his heart from lust. Today, this type of relationship with jewelry exists, albeit with more modern manifestations. Think wedding rings or a lucky pendant handed down from your great grandmother.

I heard of a girl who took this a few steps further with what she called a ‘truth bracelet’. She wore a thin, plain bangle made of jade and whenever she caught herself telling a lie, however small, she would switch the bracelet from one arm to the other. This made her more self-aware, and yes, more honest as a result. One of my friends wore an ankh around his neck and believed it kept him safe from heartbreak.

It is possible to imbue objects with hopes, intentions and memories – creating deeper connections with our things. I guess it is true that in this materialistic world, it makes sense to love our things more and not less. Having more meaningful attachments to our stuff, and being more thoughtful about them may even mean amassing less if you think about it.

I am playing around with the idea of making a mini-collection around the concepts of values and talismans. Let’s see what happens there.

Have a happy week, everybody! Here are pictures I took around the house.

IMGP0087 IMGP0085


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