This IS sticky business and I am officially stuck. I started working on a necklace for a magazine yesterday and it’s clear that something is missing. It is also clear that I’m not sure how to fix it. It will be picked up tomorrow so if it doesn’t come together after I write this post, adjkfhkldsahgjkhfg.

IMGP0362-s IMGP0382-s

I will try adding more shards and doubling the chain.

UPDATE – 12:33 PM

Added shards and used a thicker chain. I am almost sure it is finished.


After lunch, the necklace didn’t look right. I also realized that my craziness and fixation on it was completely unnecessary. I can give the magazine other stuff… completed pieces of jewelry that I didn’t just pull out of my ear yesterday. So I left this necklace alone and came back to it after dinner and this is the result.

Camera 360

Next, I will do a bigger plate to accommodate multiple shards. This is going somewhere and I should let it set the pace for now.


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