There’s something magical about 3D printed jewelry, and some people really know how to do it well. What is even more amazing is this incredible 3D printed dress on Dita Von Teese. I guess it was only a matter of time before some ambitious bastard-genius took on this crazy challenge and I am just completely floored by this gown in the best way possible. It just looks so… fluid, it’s incredible.

Design by Michael Schmidt, photo by Albert Sanchez


When I saw this last Tuesday, I knew I wanted to make a ring inspired by it and I am quite happy with the result. Wearing it now and there is an extra special clackity-clack to my typing!

Camera 360

Camera 360 Camera 360

This isn’t 3D printed, it’s handmade. And though it isn’t a lattice, I think it definitely lives in the same world as Dita’s crazy amazing dress. Er… this feels like a good time to note that Crazy and Amazing are two really popular Aerosmith songs that actually sound so similar they might as well be the same song. Yeah.

What do you think about the ring? Tell me! Okay, see ya!


4 thoughts on “What a Teese

    • Thanks!! I had to check the impulse to cover the entire surface with rhinestones, haha.. thinking of making an annoyingly pink version that will be embellished to death and back.

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