If you’re not yet blinded by the neon pink jewelry, read on!

Camera 360

So, I got quite a bit done yesterday, but my favorite task was to come up with annoyingly pink things using my coral inspired molds. See that rabbit bangle? Made and designed it together with my friend W. We are putting up an Etsy shop together next month! More on that later.

To boost productivity, I recommend healthy smoothies and Trello. It became my new favorite tool five minutes into using it. It’s basically a project management app that organizes everything in drag and droppable boards. You can tag, color code, attach images and checklists to entries. It’s great for working on projects with a team. Anyway, Trello is FREE and very easy to use. My only complaint is that you cannot personalize your dashboard and are stuck with boring blue. There are worse things to be stuck with though. A husband like Earl in Waitress for instance… what a tool. Or BO that doesn’t ever wash off.

Anyway, I am so happy with the app, I’m using it for stuff unrelated to work. You know, cos goals like “become fluent in French” or “make my own clothes” have been evaporating on the back burner for far too long.

ARE YOU ON BOARD WITH THE PINKNESS? W, if you are reading this: can we please have neon pink jewelry in our shop?


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