I’m Anja Guggenheim and I’m determined to find my life’s work and string together days into a life that works.

I design and make resin jewelry. I also write poetry. I’m a pretty okay person in my opinion. However, I can also be a lazy, impulsive brute. This sometimes makes living well and achieving aspirations difficult.

On the whole, there really isn’t one detailed road map for YOUR LIFE. Sure, there are rules such as: take responsibility.. or do what you love.. and be kind. When we speak of micro-living, however – the steady flow of moments in close up – that which is right, true and good is not always clear. This especially applies if you are not content to wholeheartedly adopt the definitions set by others. And life in general is just, you know.. HARD.

We are left to improvise.. and this is a catalog of my improvisations. Here you can read about my days, work process, check out my art and visit my mood board to see what keeps me inspired online.

Every Wednesday, I write about lifestyle choices and changes. Fridays are dedicated to blogging about working with resin, my jewelry collection and Etsy shop. On other days, I occasionally write about random things that lodge themselves in my brain.

You can contact me at anjatagamanila@gmail.com if you like!


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