Only five more days of being a gainfully employed citizen! Before the buzzer sounds I wanted to implement some lifestyle changes to get a head start on MY NEW LIFE.

Like many people, I always begin by cleaning my room whenever I make the decision to regain order and balance. I sorted through heaps of clothing and tidied up the pile of accumulating stuff by my bed but it still looks like I’ve been robbed by a family of racoons.

I spent half the afternoon fixing up but I wasn’t the most effective worker seeing as I don’t have proper use of my right arm. This was due to the fact that I challenged and wrestled three guys last Friday night, and I’m no longer sure why that seemed like a fun/good idea. OH YEAH, being drunk out of my face may have had something to do with it. Being the competitive freak that I am, I really stressed my arm out and now it has simply refused to pull its weight. Putting on a bra is impossible. Slicing really good homemade pizza? Forget it.

This situation is frustrating because I feel powerless to change the state of my room, which is arguably a reflection of my state of mind. Man, if I can’t even clean my closet how the hell am I going to clean up my act? I have been living a bit crazily for almost a year now. Obviously, a drastic intervention is in order. This week, I decide not to consume alcohol. I also promise to be in bed by 2 in the morning. That’s three hours after I get off work.

Updates on previous action plans:

  • I have researched on good curing, sanding and polishing practices
  • I know exactly what tools I need for current projects and where to get them
  • I gave the dentist a cupcake and a note for missing my appointment
  • I rescheduled and went to that same dentist

Not much activity, I know. Staying out late with beer in hand and waking up right before work is definitely suspending my project to become a proper grown-up. Which is of course what I did last night as well. I went to a Sci-Fi art exhibit, then to a Christmas party as Amy Winehouse, then sang corny songs at my favorite bar until 3 in the morning. All in all, I’d say it’s all pretty shabby which is really not good design. Even shabby chic kind of sucks.


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